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    1. Corian® Design

      Cernusco sul Naviglio / Italy

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      Corian® Design
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      Corian? is an innovative acrylic-based material which has built a world reputation as a brand. It was created by the DuPont company that through the collaboration with project developers and professionals can accomplish any kind of project thanks to the extraordinary versatility of this material. It is apt to be used basically everywhere, from the residential to the hospitality segments, from healthcare buildings to schools, offices, public areas. Corian? comes in different colors and allows to obtain high performing surfaces, both from a structural and an aesthetic point of view; at the same time it benefits the environment. Born in the ‘60s in the DuPont labs, Corian? can praise countless applications worldwide, in architectural projects, as well as in the design and the furnishing domain.

      Corian: an enduring, renewable and safe material

      Corian surfaces are also known as solid surface DuPont? Corian? and are safe materials containing a low percentage of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). They are made for 1/3 of acrylic resin and 2/3 of natural minerals that through a polymerization process become a unique, chemically stable material, lowering to the minimum the impact on the air quality of the indoor spaces. This makes Corian? surfaces ideal for applications such as kitchen countertops, sinks or bathroom washbasins. Corian? is also perfect for the healthcare environments thanks to its hygiene-related performances, higher than in many other materials, as certified by the German LGS QualiTest Gmbh.
      Among the other qualities that make this material truly versatile there are durability, resistance to heat, chemical agents, cracking. It can easily be cleaned or repaired, removed and re-used and even re-worked in order to take different shapes. A deeply fine and clean aesthetics, with its seamless monolith appearance and pleasing to the touch. It can serve essentially any application, both for indoor and outdoor, letting the project designers’ creativity run unlimited, since it can be modeled in the desired shape due to its thermoformability, next to being available in a wide range of colors and textures.
      It can be easily used outdoor for its low moisture absorption and its significant resistance to atmospheric agents and polluting substances; it is therefore ideal to be used for signs, platform roofs, sculptures and accessories for playgrounds, terraces and restaurants.

      Shape your creativity with Corian?

      Thanks to its monolithic, even appearance, Corian? recalls the fascination of stone or marble structures. It is nonetheless possible to bond different pieces with the Joint Adhesive DuPont? adhesive material, available in combined colors, thus enabling to assemble Corian? pieces with basically unnoticeable joints, which results in a continuous-looking surface. It is impossible to list all the things that can be made with Corian?; from the monolithic structures like columns, to walls or sculptures, kitchens or bathrooms support surfaces, or tables apt to be formed in a peculiar and custom-made shape. Used in panels, also to cover vertical walls, Corian? can be worked and carved with the inlay technique, which allows to obtain writings or even decorations and innovative artworks.
      Used alone it can convey an ethereal and fluid appeal to the spaces, but it is also ideal in combination with other materials that even make its finishes and texture stick out thanks to the contrast with the smooth neutral surface.
      As it can be modeled in infinite shapes, Corian? leaves ample freedom of composition to the designers who use it in diverse applications. A use of this material which is worth to be mentioned is in combination with a light source to create charming transparency and depth effects, or it can become a screen with the support of optical fiber technologies, with the possibility to integrate multimedia systems controls for home automation. From sensory design to the high tech applications, Corian? has a boundless potential for project design. ... More ... less

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